Benefits of Buying a Used Car From a Car Dealership Than Buying Private

Benefits of Buying a Used Car From a Car Dealership Than Buying Private

If you’re looking to buy a used car, then you probably know that your two options are buying from a dealership, or from a private seller – but buying from a car dealership comes with plenty of benefits.

Although you may have seen that there are pros to buying private as well, the benefits of a dealership are far greater and often negate the pros of private buying – you’ll find that the slightly higher price of dealerships come with a host of benefits that you don’t get from private sellers.


To start, cars – even used – from a dealership will often come with a warranty, very handy should your used car have any sort of fault a few months down the line. If you’ve bought from a private seller and the car has a mechanical or electrical fault, then you’re on your own to cover the repair costs.


Car dealerships also often offer finance options, meaning that a car you might not be able to afford outright is now within your means. Hire purchase and personal contract payment plans give you a choice when it comes to how you pay off your car over the following year or so.

Properly checked and inspected

Another benefit is the fact that dealers will have inspected the car and taken care of any major problems, whereas a private seller may not have taken the time to properly inspect, or may even be dishonest about any faults. In relation to this, your consumer rights are also much stronger if you buy from a dealership than from a private seller.


Buying from a dealership also opens the opportunity to haggle with the salesman – there is potential to reach a deal where you could be paying a bit less than the advertised price.  

Alresford Garage

If you’re looking in to buying a used car and have realised the benefits of buying from a dealership, then look no further than Alresford Garage. With over 40 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service along with excellent value which has built us a strong reputation and a base of returning customers. Our Colchester dealership always has a great variety of used cars available, so to get started take a look at our vehicles for sale, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries.


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