Best Ways to Sell Your Car in 2018

Best Ways to Sell Your Car in 2018

At one point or another, you’ll be wanting to sell your car. Whether you need something with more space, or it’s time for an upgrade to a newer car, then selling your car gives you some extra cash towards the new one as well as getting the unnecessary old model off your hands. But what are the best ways to sell your car in 2018?

Decide the asking price

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best price possible. Have a look online for your car, or models of a similar age and condition, for an idea of the price that you can be expecting to get.  After some research, decide on the asking price and you can move on to the next steps to selling your car.

MOT and paperwork

A car that’s recently had an MOT is attractive to buyers for two reasons – it shows that everything is in a good working order, and also means that the buyer won’t have to pay for one themselves too soon after the purchase. As well as getting an MOT sorted, make sure you have all the relevant documentation that a new owner will need, which includes the log book (V5C), service books, MOT certificates, the manual, along with invoices and receipts for any parts purchased or work done.

Gather the keys and accessories

Get all the keys as well as the accessories and parts that you might have removed, from a set of tools to the parcel shelf. The most important accessory to remember, if the car has one, is the locking wheel nut key. Although not completely unique to your wheels, it’ll be a huge inconvenience to remove the wheels if you’ve lost this key, as it’s very difficult and a new set is required to be fitted.  

Clean up

Finally, clean up the car inside and out so that buyers aren’t put off by the appearance. Make sure to take extra care of the most visible spots, like the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, and carpets.

Alresford Garage

When you’ve taken all the steps to prepare your car, we can take care of the rest for you. Although we are fussy, we give very good prices to good condition vehicles. We will purchase your car from you outright, as well as taking care of any outstanding finance and informing the DVLA to make sure than any outstanding road tax is returned to you and the direct debit is cancelled. If you’re looking to sell your car, then look no further than Alresford Garage – get in touch today, or bring your car down to our Colchester based garage and we can take a look there and then.


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